“It was such a joy to be taught by you, especially on a one on one basis. Even though at the beginning I found it very hard to understand how my body worked, you step by step made me understand how every movement affected me. You would make me work very hard, but that’s what I wanted. You were not only the Pilates instructor with the fantastic sense of humour but you were also a great listener, and a person whom I knew could become a very close friend one day.”                      – Galia Toutounji-Febrer

“I picked up Pilates out of the blue and you are a big part of why I enjoy it so much!! You truly are a delight – you are professional and thoughtful. You have a terrific balance for direction and encouragement – you pushed me to expect more from myself but your enthusiasm always made it fun!”                                        – Elizabeth Duffy


“Christina has given me a solid grounding in Pilates mat. Her approach is methodical and disciplined but never dull. She explains the movements clearly and runs the class at a lively pace while taking time for individual assistance where needed. We work hard in her classes, and leave invigorated (and perhaps a bit taller). Pilates is a wonderful complement to my other fitness activities, helping tremendously with flexibility and balance. This is something to continue for life!”                               – Jean Mc Coubrey

“I returned to Israel recently after many years of working in the United States and England, and in both countries I was able to enjoy Pilates taught by you. I want to express my thanks for the achievement I have earned under your guidance. I began Pilates training by accident when my wife forced me to start, and then I began to enjoy it myself and see the benefits it has done for my body, especially after a total hip replacement surgery I had recently. Your training helped me to recover and be strong again. Pilates has done good to me, and training with you has always pushed me to the next level.”                                 –  Mayor Caspi


“Christina Fanizzi is a gifted and insightful instructor. She has an incredibly vast movement knowledge and brings creativity as well as dedication to the original Pilates formula. Her thoughtfulness and grace will put any client at ease and inspire them to get to know their bodies. Working alongside Christina has been a valuable experience, and I can say with certainty that her one-of-a-kind approach will keep you challenged, motivated and yearning for more!”                 – Sophie DeVore, Pilates Instructor 

Honors & Awards