Spring is Almost Here…

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Yes, spring is coming and while Father winter gets his last few punches in… there is a deep stirring that is happening as I sit and write this post. The brightness of the upcoming season will be welcome for all of us. The days are getting longer, daylight savings proves it and St. Patrick is feeling lucky that the buds are getting ready to reveal their petals.

How Will You Move into Spring?

Whichever way you choose to move through the next few weeks, don’t forget to “roll like a ball.” This is a great way to remember your deeper core muscles while working on balance and strength.
Just do about 5 of these a day and spring will sneak up on you before you know it.

How to Roll with It


  1. Start sitting upright with knees bent and feet together close to your bottom. Begin by placing one hand on each ankle. Slowly lift your feet off the floor. Breathe.
  2. Press your ankles into your hands* while exhaling and pulling your navel away from your thighs. This creates resistance and you want to keep breathing inside this ball shape you’ve created. Keep your head forward, lifting it over your knees. Keep your elbows wide and lengthen your waist. (*Please note: if you have back issues or pain: modify this position by placing your hands behind your thighs.)
  3. Then with an inhale, roll back to your shoulders and then exhale forward as you return to your tail bone. Be sure to stay inside the container (the ball) that you’ve established in #2. Continue pressing your ankles into your hands. Keep breathing as you roll back and forward about 5 times.

That’s it. Roll around for a bit… it’s fun! Enjoy!







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